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Insulated aluminum doors and windows functions and strengths

Fire protection is good: the aluminum alloy is the metal material, therefore, it is not easy to burn.
Anti-theft anti-theft function: aluminum compound window equipped with high-grade decoration lock and excellent hardware accessories (such as flat open hanging on the hardware), make sound horse theft is difficult to start.
Impact resistance: because the aluminum-plastic composite material outer appearance Aluminum Alloy, super hardness, good rigidity, thus it is more than a plastic windows profile impact resistance is much stronger.
A wide variety of colors: available for customers to choose a large free space.
Avoid maintenance trouble: plastic composite profiles are not susceptible to corrosion, using the aluminum doors and windows not yellow and fade, almost without maintenance. It has excellent sealing function, to achieve true warm in winter and cool in summer.
Selection of bridge insulation Aluminum Alloy profiles, the heat conduction coefficient is 1.8 ~ 3.5W/m2 / K, significantly lower than the general Aluminum Alloy profiles (140 ~ 170W/m2 / k); if the use of hollow glass structure, the heat conduction coefficient is 3.17 ~ 3.59W/m2 / K, significantly lower than the general Aluminum Alloy profiles (6.69 ~ 6.84W/m2 / k), effective to reduce the conduction of heat into the room from the window;
With the profile table table near the insulation temperature and indoor temperature, to minimize the possibility of excessive indoor moisture because full and condensed in the appearance of the doors and windows;
In the cold winter weather, with the broken bridge insulation aluminum door and window frame, the window frame and at least through the heat loss reduction of 1/3; and in the summer, with insulation window frame to the greatest extent to obstruct the hot air flow from the outside, if there is air conditioning, relatively reduced the loss of air conditioning energy at the same time, reduce radiation because of air conditioning and heating the real environment, energy saving and environmental protection;
The heat of the human body and the environment depends on the temperature of the indoor air, the velocity of the air and the temperature of the outdoor air. After the doors and windows to adjust the indoor temperature, so that it is not less than 12 ~ 13 degrees Celsius, has reached the most comfortable environment;
The hollow glass structure and thermal break aluminum cavity structure is not the same thickness, can effectively reduce the resonance effect of acoustic wave transmission, obstruct sound, noise can be reduced more than 30dB;
The anodizing, powder coating surface treatment after thermal break aluminum materials, aluminum production to RAL color more than 200 different color combinations, by rolling, the insulation Aluminum Alloy occurred in the same room doors and windows table color color window, so that our living environment can be colorful, resplendent with variegated coloration.
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