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Comparison and analysis of thermal insulation materials for building roof

The tiles, and the area of application is wide, can be used in exterior insulation engineering, also can be used in external wall insulation engineering. The main insulation board insulation materials can be expanded polystyrene board, extruded polystyrene board, rock wool board, glass wool board is not the same as the data.
The tiles to have waterproof resistance, good freeze-thaw and weathering resistance, impact resistance, wind resistance: as the external wall thermal insulation, the experts pointed out that facing with external environment directly touch the necessary against rain, freezing and thawing, impact and strong winds and other adverse factors of invasion, therefore should test the above functions in before use. With the external thermal insulation system supporting the alkali resistant fiberglass mesh tensile strength should be greater than 200N/cm, residual tensile strength after alkali resistance should be not less than 7 days of 150N/cm; adhesive tensile bond strength should be greater than 1Mpa, water resistance, freeze-thaw after tensile bond strength should be greater than 0.9Mpa.
1, swell polystyrene board (EPS board) 0.038-0.041 thermal conductivity of thermal insulation effect is good, price is cheap, not waterproof strength is a bit poor;
2, extruded polystyrene board (XPS board) thermal conductivity 0.028-0.03 better heat insulation function, high strength, resistant to moisture, offer your appearance, treatment and construction requirements;
3, the construction of heat reflective thermal insulation coating, solar thermal reflectivity is high, heat insulation effect is good, waterproof and moisture, construction is more convenient, winter effect is not;
4, rock wool board thermal conductivity of 0.041-0.045 fire retardant hygroscopicity, waterproof, thermal insulation effect is poor;
5, adhesive polystyrene thermal insulation mortar thermal conductivity of 0.057-0.06 flame retardant, recover the waste heat preservation effect is not ideal, the high request of construction;
6, polyurethane foam material thermal conductivity coefficient 0.025-0.028 waterproof good, good heat insulation effect, high strength of the price is more expensive;
7, the construction of thermal insulation coatings, low thermal conductivity, and thermal insulation effect is good, the construction must besmear the thickness of your quotation;
8, perlite slurry thermal conductivity 0.07-0.09 fire resistance, high temperature resistant insulation effect, high water absorption.
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