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Heat insulation tile varieties introduced

Roofing tiles, as one of the oldest building materials, have been widely used for thousands of years. The small body in the roof on the interpretation of the ultimate building art, the change of the witness. Look at the afanggong Qin and Han Dynasty, from the dense tiles experience ancient emperors solemn, and now the market is a popular tiles, the scorching hot summer and isolation column, bring us a little fresh, then the tiles on the market which breed?
Insulation tile introduction
Many people should know that the original tiles, tiles main raw materials are aluminum, with the development of science and technology, a new type of magnesia cementitious materials tiles began to be our attention, the primary raw materials such as tiles commonly known as Magnesium Oxide, are advised to tile, no radiation, heat insulation function, plastic alloy the outer seal, with waterproof, fire prevention, anti-corrosion and other functions. This heat insulation tile thermal conductivity of as low as 0.169 W/m.k, fire rating to reach the B1 level of non combustible material, the transverse bending force to reach 3754N/m, the longitudinal bending force to reach 399N, is a kind of new building materials.
Multi see roof insulation tile
A lot of heat insulation tiles on the mall, a brief introduction to the next few of the roof insulation.
1) cement tile: using cement as raw material, after high pressure filter and excellent mold. Because of its raw materials used for cement, so often referred to as the cement tile. Advantages: high strength, high density, rain frost resistance is good, cheap cost. Application: General houses villa Premium Apartment House.
2) asbestos cement tiles: the use of asbestos and cement by a certain proportion of the proportion of the restrictions. Often referred to as asbestos. Strengths: fire, cold, heat insulation paper shortcomings: not by the use of carcinogenic substances, which easily leads to lung cancer. Use scenario: chemical plant.
3) aluminum foil insulation tiles: aluminum foil insulation tile is a model of modern green construction, new wall materials with aluminum foil and tiles into advantage. Advantages: the use of long cycle, good thermal insulation, waterproof, fire, corrosion resistance, and many other advantages. Use scene: Design Institute factory building modern green building
4): after the color steel tile color steel tile color steel plate and restriction wave plate. Advantages: low cost, rich color, texture, light deficiencies: the need to apply on the surface of fire information.
Aluminum foil insulation
In recent years, aluminum foil insulation tile store has been improved, with the factor lies in the global warming and the Chinese economy improve the quality, the state also further implementation of the policy of environmental protection and energy saving, so the plant's construction request more and more is also high, the environmental protection and energy saving in aluminum foil insulation tile needs more and more, in the market to get aluminum foil insulation tile by then we look at it, take advantage of.
1) energy saving and environmental protection: the aluminum foil insulation tile has obtained the quality product to recognize is passing through, agrees with the national JC/T747-2002 production standard. Thermal insulation effect is very good.
2) fire, with storage of cementitious materials for flame retardant insulation products produced by the matrix fire prevention heat effect excellent for user to lift the fire to worry, rest assured that the use of natural.
3) anti wind, snow, aluminum foil insulation tiles of the raw material is good, high strength, high temperature, and has the effect of anti wind and snow. Is bound to the people's life and property to bring useful guarantee.
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