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Difference between traditional glass thermal insulation and nano heat insulation

The traditional treatment of glass insulation question mainly has two paths, one is the use of thermal insulation film is affixed to the glass, but it is several hundred dollars per square meter price is unbearable, now this product is only used in high-grade car; two is the use of heat reflective film, reflective film after heat reflection, but not out of this commodity, so that it can not be widely used.
Nano coating material selection and founding leading nanotechnology research, produce high transparent, super insulation, high hardness, anti glare "nano" function of oxide powder can be uniformly dispersed in the resin with high weatherability in base material, the synthesis of "nano high transparent heat insulation coatings". And the glass surface is solidified into a thickness of only 7-8um nano film, and co-ordination of glass insulation function and lighting function, so that all the glass into a real nano high heat insulation and energy saving glass".
Nano energy-saving film function and the existing low radiation coating can achieve the same, can achieve the same national standard request. Satisfaction index of energy saving.
And the main function of the thermal insulation coating is thermal insulation. In the hot summer, strong sunlight to the glass wall would make room temperature, like a furnace baking time live in the people, will increase the use of electric refrigeration appliances can increase the cost. That is the painted glass heat insulation paint photothermal and interior space that blocks the sun's glass appearance, thereby reducing the indoor temperature, the heat insulation effect, and can prevent the indoor temperature in winter is not outflow do insulation effect. Glass insulation coating on the building glass, that is to play the role of heat insulation in the summer heat.
Of course, the function of glass thermal insulation coating is far more than these. As a high technology, nano heat insulating coating for the founding days of consumer satisfaction usually cool, warm, quiet and enjoy, the film can make the glass with insulation, insulation, sound insulation, light, transparent, easy to clean, dust and other functions, and there is need to satisfy consumers of glass thermal insulation coatings, widely used in construction glass doors and windows, glass, automotive glass greenhouse. Its smart glass thermal insulation is now the market needs the largest, the highest degree of consumer satisfaction with a glass insulation coating.
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