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The advantages of aluminum foil anticorrosive insulation tile

In today's rapid economic development, whether the buildings are home built request is also improved, so the use of aluminum foil tiles need to rise increasingly, to introduce the following.
1, fire: cementitious materials for regenerative heat and flame retardant products produced by the matrix fire prevention heat effect excellent for user to lift the look of worry, rest assured that the use of natural.
2, anti typhoon, snow disaster: coastal areas every year more often because they can not resist the hurricane by exposing the top, forming factory, significant loss of residence. Zhejiang, Hebei, using the wave tile effect of Hao Alcoa, the snow has not been repeated. The aluminum foil insulation tile good raw materials, high strength, high low temperature, therefore has the effect of anti wind snow. Be sure to bring a useful citizen's life and property security.
3, energy saving and environmental protection: aluminum foil insulation has been recognized by the quality of products, fit the national JC/T747-2002 production standards.
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