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On the construction of surface insulation structure

On the construction of surface insulation structure
Overhead floor roof
Aerial layer should be used in the construction of good ventilation, not in the cold area selection, high-rise building to establish the urban area, the air activity is poor, seriously affect the insulation effect of overhead roof. strict
The overhead of ventilation and heat insulation layer is arranged between the roof waterproof layer, the heat insulation principle is: use a layer of overhead block direct sunlight, on the other hand, the use of inter layer ventilation a portion of a layer of the heat, the heat in the layer of uninterrupted cleaning, not only conducive to the summer indoor temperature reaches down to. And add the insulation effect of the roof air layer also plays a certain effect.
Water storage roof
The water storage roof is a kind of better thermal insulation method to set up the water storage layer on the rigid waterproof roof. Its advantage is to be able to use water to evaporate when taking away the heat in the water layer, the sun radiation to the roof of the heat, thereby reducing the roof heat transfer, down the roof temperature, is a better way to heat insulation. But the water storage roof is not easy to use in the cold area, the earthquake area and the larger building.
Reflecting roofing
Using the color of the exterior material and the degree of lubrication to the reflection effect of the heat radiation, the heat insulation and cooling of the flat roof also has certain effect. For example the roof or roof light gravel with whitewash on the reflection cooling have certain effect, suitable for hot region. If the bottom layer in the ventilation roof with a layer of aluminum foil, you can use the second reflection effect, the thermal insulation effect on the roof will be further improved.
Planted roof
Planting roof is to block the sun shines on the roof of the use of cultivated plants, to prevent overheating room insulation, mainly through the following three aspects: one is to control the heat shading effect of stems and leaves of plants, can effectively decrease the temperature difference between outdoor roof induction, reducing roof heat transfer; two is plant photosynthesis the effect of cost for its solar evaporation; three is the bottom of the vegetation soil or water consuming solar evaporation. Therefore, the cultivation roof is a very useful heat insulation and energy saving roof.
In addition, the cultivation of the roof is also able to regulate the local micro climate, absorb dust and noise, absorb harmful gases around, killing all kinds of bacteria in the air, make the air clean, improve human health. Considering the load of the roof, the roof should be cultivated, resistant to drought and barren soil, wind class vegetation, the perennial herbaceous species of reptiles, shallow root plants are dwarf shrub.
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