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The structure form of the slope roof and the insulation of the roof layer

The structure form of the slope roof and the roof layer
(a) the form of a pitched roof
1 double slope roof -- A. B. C. hanging hill hard mountain mountain
2 - four A. four slope roof slope B. C. Wu Xie Shan
(two) the composition of the pitched roof
1 bearing structure (horizontal wall, roof frame, purlin, reinforced concrete plate)
2 roof layer (various tile and tile, etc)
(three) slope roof structure
1 gable support (purlin) by transverse wall (gable) supported purlin, roofing purlin set.
2 - by supporting roof purlin roof support, setting roofing purlin.
3 layer structure: flat tile roof tile roof, looking cold beach wood tile roofing.
4 reinforced concrete slope roof structure with reinforced concrete roof board, the board do waterproofing layer and hang all kinds of wood and brick tile.
Joint structure of reinforced concrete slope roof
1 vertical wall cornice structure
2 vertical wall cornice ditch construction
3 rigid mountain sealing structure
4 mountain flashing structure
5 roof (ridge, ridge) structure
6 oblique ridge structure
7 roof flashing structure
The 8 oblique gutter structure
Thermal insulation of slope roof
1 slope roof insulation
(1) the insulation layer is located on the top of the waterproof coiled material.
(2) the insulation layer is located on the top of the ceiling.
2 slope roof insulation
In the slope of the roof is arranged on the inlet and outlet (or roof window), using hot inside and outside the roof difference and upwind surface pressure difference to form the natural ventilation.
Roof construction note
Under the action of solar radiation, the temperature of flat roof is generally about 50 degrees Celsius, while the maximum temperature of the brick masonry is about 30 degrees Celsius, the temperature difference of 20. Linear expansion coefficient, the former is 10 * 10-6. The latter is 5 * 10-6. Even if it is designed according to the current standard of housing, seismic requirements and masonry buildings with largest joint spacing requirements of roof insulation treatment, also difficult to overcome the cracks completely, can be solved by the following methods:
A. reinforced brick masonry quality, the strength of masonry mortar is less than M5.0, then under the window three bricks set 8 seam 3 Phi long steel (by wall reinforcement settings), withstand temperature stress.
B. in the proper position (only on the top wall) with crack column and ring beam column ends connected to offset the impact of temperature stress.
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