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Tell us what the roof insulation methods and materials

The roof heat insulation method is a good many people would like to know the hot summer, the top floor of the indoor temperature is particularly high has seriously affected the people living, a lot of people for the roof insulation, roof insulation is how these people need to ponder the roof insulation method has good variety, but you know much, let us to tell you what the roof insulation method.
What are the methods of roof insulation???
1, air flow and smooth heat insulation method. Is the roof cover a about 30 cm of the hollow sandwich, when the summer sun exposure, due to the following is the air of the activity, can effectively isolate the heat transfer effect.
2, water insulation method. This method is on the roof of the quality requirements are relatively high, now many houses with the methods of insulation roof is usually shallow puddles, about 15 cm deep, the roof insulation method can effectively reduce the indoor temperature is relatively reasonable and simple.
3, white light paper reflection method. As the name suggests is a layer of white paper laid a smooth surface on the roof, this material is not easy to foil, oil stain, and strong reflective insulation.
4, now there are many methods of roof insulation, can be laid on the roof 10 cm thick pearl sand insulation layer, and a layer of cement prefabricated insulation board is fine; if the cast-in-place reinforced concrete roof, can save above 20 cm thick soil for greening and planting flowers in the class, not only beautify the bad environment, and the thermal insulation effect.
5, roof insulation method of the invention is a blatant roof leak proof heat insulation method, it is made of glass steel blanket in the whole roof and glass steel plate as a whole.
Compared with the prior art, the construction is easy, the material has high strength, light weight, long service life, good leak proof heat insulation effect etc..
6, such as the top of the user to take the laying of concrete insulation method, can greatly reduce the indoor temperature, not only can have a quiet summer, but also effectively save energy consumption, reduce the cost of electricity. As the thermal insulation layer, the ceramic concrete has a good effect of moisture proof and waterproof. It has been widely used in the toilet.
Above is today to provide you with the roof insulation method which has the relevant small knowledge, if you have the roof insulation method does not understand the corresponding reference this article, I hope all of you to help.
Is everyone in the roof insulation roof insulation is often used, but a lot of people on the roof insulation materials do not know do not know which of the roof insulation, roof insulation materials on the market variety, generally can be divided into organic and inorganic materials in two categories: inorganic materials have expanded perlite, aerated concrete, rock wool glass, such as cotton, organic materials with polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam etc.. Here is to tell you what the roof insulation material.
Common roof insulation material
1, the expansion of polystyrene board (EPS board) thermal conductivity 0.038-0.041 thermal insulation effect is good, the price is slightly worse
2, extruded polystyrene board (XPS board) 0.028-0.03 thermal conductivity of insulation effect is better, high strength, resistant to wet expensive construction of surface processing
3, rock wool board thermal conductivity of 0.041-0.045 fire retardant hygroscopicity, poor heat preservation effect
4, adhesive polystyrene thermal insulation mortar thermal conductivity of 0.057-0.06 flame retardant, recycling heat preservation effect is not ideal, high requirements for construction
5, polyurethane foam material thermal conductivity coefficient 0.025-0.028 waterproof good, good thermal insulation effect, high strength, high price is more expensive
6, perlite slurry thermal conductivity of 0.07-0.09 fire resistance, high temperature resistance and poor thermal insulation effect, high water absorption
Two, plate thermal insulation material
Thermal insulation material, the use of the area and a wide range, can be used in external thermal insulation works, but also can be used in the external wall insulation works. The main insulation sheet of insulation materials can be expanded polystyrene board, extruded polystyrene board, rock wool board, different materials such as glass wool board. Heat insulation materials can be divided into a single thermal insulation materials and systems insulation materials, in the application process should pay attention to the following topics:
(1) single thermal insulation material:
Is the main body of thermal insulation engineering application, in the process of the use of other materials need to cooperate. Such as: foam polystyrene board, extruded polystyrene board, rock wool board, glass wool board, to test the following contents before use:
1, the coefficient of thermal conductivity (W/m? K): This is the hub of technical indicators index, the effect of heat preservation engineering in general, laboratory testing is a test on the plate when dried to constant weight, and material application is the premise in the air with certain humidity under, therefore, should be multiplied by a certain coefficient when in use; or, will adjust to use direct material condition test.
2, apparent density (Kg/m3): the apparent density of the material to a certain extent, affect its thermal conductivity coefficient, the apparent density of different lattice materials will directly lead to its decline in physical function, such as strength, size, etc..
3, compressive strength (MPa): the test piece in the 10% deformation of the compression stress. It is related to the durability and impact resistance of the surface layer system.
4, the size change rate (mm): the size of the material will lead to a large change in the size of the surface layer of the crack.
5, water vapor permeability coefficient [ng/ (Pa? M? S)]: the function determines the water vapor penetration
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