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Flat roof coiled material waterproof roof

Features: can adapt to the temperature, vibration, the average settlement and other changes, the overall good, not easy to leak. Grade I ~ IV roof.
1 waterproof material
(1) coiled material - A. asphalt waterproof coiled material (commonly used)
B. polymer modified asphalt
C. polymer coil
(2) coil adhesive - cold base oil, asphalt adhesive.
2 structural components
(1) structural layer - reinforced concrete roof panel.
(2) to find the slope layer - light material (or thermal insulation material).
(3) - leveling layer 20 thick cement mortar 1:3.
(4) the combination of layers - cold base oil two.
(5) waterproof layer - cement material and coiled material.
(6) the protective layer -
A. not on the roof: mung bean sand, particle size 3~5mm.
B. on the roof, tile, brick, concrete plate etc..
Roof joint structure
(1) the water structure of the roof and vertical walls of the intersection at the waterproof structure.
A. flashing a height of not less than 250mm, paving a layer of felt.
B. roofing and wall corner with cement mortar cast into a circular arc shape or inclined plane.
Do the coil C. flashing head fixed head.
(2) Tiaoyan ditch outside the drainage structure -- to shop on the side roll gutter shut, the corner or the inclined angle of the arc, add a layer of roofing cornice.
(3) the parapet external drainage structure of reserved holes mounted on cast iron accessories in the rain at the bottom of the parapet, added a layer of membrane and extends into the water hole, water around the mouth do flashing coil.
(4) the roof and gutter rain - rain water into the membrane structure.
(5) the construction of the roof inspection holes and roof structures
No man should be set on the roof roof manhole inspection. In order to prevent the rain from flowing into the roof, the roof is usually done, and then the cover plate is added.
On the roof of the roof to the roof of the need to set up the entrance of the roof.
Insulation and heat insulation of flat roof
1 flat roof insulation
(1) thermal insulation material: light, porous, loose.
Bulk material (slag), the whole class class (cement perlite etc), bulk class (aerated concrete board).
(2) the insulation layer settings
A. is laying method -- the insulation layer is located on the structure layer under the waterproof layer.
B. pouring method - insulation layer on top of the waterproof layer.
(3) the steam separating layer -- Action: preventing the indoor water vapor from entering the thermal insulation layer.
Practice: leveling layer brush two cold base oil, laying a felt two oil.
2 flat roof insulation
(1) ventilation and insulation roof
For heat insulation and heat insulation and ventilation ventilation A. set hitting in the roof layer.
Structural points: hitting height of 180-240mm, and the parapet distance is more than 300mm, by hitting brick pier.
B. ceiling ventilation and heat insulation
By using air insulation between ceiling and roof space, open hole in the side wall.
Structural features: should be set hole enough; ventilation layer is more than or equal to 500mm; prevent Piaoyu hole; pay attention to the waterproof layer of protection.
(2) the storage and insulation of the roof - water storage in the roof.
Construction points:
A. water storage depth of 150 ~ 200mm. B. storage area length is less than or equal to 10m.
C. flashing height high out of the water is more than 100mm. The average D. layout of overflow hole to the drain hole.
(3) the roof of a pile of soil planted in the roof to fill light soil or planting medium to grow plants or turf.
(4) reflecting the cooling of the roof - the laying of light colored gravel on the roof, or brushing reflective material. Can be used with other thermal insulation measures.
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